Sophisticated photographic images can lend a dynamic harmony to creatively designed interiors.

SCENAE is a photographic consultancy run by Piers Rawson, a photographer, writer on photography and PhD in the history of art. Piers Rawson was the founding editor of Photo Art International magazine, where he developed the concept of marketing original photographic prints in collaboration with international galleries, established photographers and emergent talent. Piers Rawson is a member of the National Union of Journalists and Designers and Artists Copyright Society.


SCENAE offers an in depth knowledge of photographic culture, expertise in curating and sourcing original fine photographic prints for investment and display, and experience in liaising with galleries and photographers.

In dialogue with designers or individual clients, SCENAE will propose a portfolio of carefuly selected images, in line with a design brief or thematic framework and a
specified budget. Important elements of the process are the creation of a coherently structured display or collection (or enhancement of an existing collection), and awareness of the investment value of the portfolio.


Once the outline of your requirements is established, SCENAE will propose a costed portfolio of superb fine prints, based upon the availability of work in the current market.

2. Having confirmed your selection, SCENAE will negotiate purchase and insured despatch with individual galleries and photographers. Purchased work will be delivered direct to the designer/client with gallery/photographer sales documentation and guarantee of authenticity, as appropriate.

3. SCENAE will project-manage the assembly of the portfolio and monitor quality control.


A flat fee payment of 500 Pounds Sterling to SCENAE on signing contract, covering completion of phase 1; the client may withdraw without penalty at this stage.

2. All purchase fees and transport/insurance costs paid direct to suppliers by client;
contract for supply is between individual suppliers and client. SCENAE disclaims all responsibility for non-delivery by contracted suppliers.

3. Final invoice to SCENAE: 5% of purchase price, covering project management, quality control visit and final fee. (Additional cost if visit outside UK.)

By negotiation, advice on conservation and framing can be provided, if required.

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