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Great for readers 7 - 13 and pun-lovers of any age! (Girls included!)

Kevin's Bogey is now available in a new deluxe-colour version!

Softcover ISBN: 9781367264564
Hard cover ISBN: 9781367264793

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Piers Rawson

The qualities that really interest me in the children’s books I read (and motivate my own writing) are:– daringness of approach in exploring children’s world view; quirky and original plotting that defies conventional expectation, without abandoning a coherent vision; lively wordplay; (sometimes dark) humour; a love of nature; and a sense of anger at injustice.

My childhood was spent in a decaying farmhouse near Oxford. It was not until I was seven that electricity and an indoor loo appeared in my life – but my home was full of love, cats and poultergeists. Later I studied Roman mythology and art, and became a freelance artist and photographer – taking in stage design, youth theatre work, writing about art, and artists’ residencies in schools along the way.

The photo of Piers was taken by Rosalind.



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